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Mikko Lagerstedt.

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Mikko Lagerstedt I - Endless Night Mikko Lagerstedt II - Purple Haze Mikko Lagerstedt III Mikko Lagerstedt IIII - .

Mikko Lagerstedt V - New NightMikko Lagerstedt XXVIIIIMikko Lagerstedt XXXMikko Lagerstedt XXXI - StrangerMikko Lagerstedt XXXII - StrangerMikko Lagerstedt XXXIIIMikko Lagerstedt XXXIIII Mikko Lagerstedt VI - Stranger Mikko Lagerstedt VII - .... Mikko Lagerstedt VIII Mikko Lagerstedt VIIII - What Lies Beneath Mikko Lagerstedt X - Mindstate Mikko Lagerstedt XI - Detour Mikko Lagerstedt XI Mikko Lagerstedt XII - Cold Night-001 Mikko Lagerstedt XIIII - ....,. Mikko Lagerstedt XV - Figure In The Dark Mikko Lagerstedt XVI - Not Alone Mikko Lagerstedt XVII - Night Light Mikko Lagerstedt XVIII - Halo Mikko Lagerstedt XX - The Pier Mikko Lagerstedt XXI - Stranger II Mikko Lagerstedt XXII - 80 Mikko Lagerstedt XXIII - Late At Night Mikko Lagerstedt XXVII Mikko Lagerstedt XXVII.jpg - Luminescence Mikko Lagerstedt XXVIII.jpg - Frozen Echo


See this brilliant photographer’s portfolio here¬†and here.


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June 22, 2014 at 9:06 pm

Andy Kehoe.

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Andy Kehoe XXXXI - Young is the nightAndy Kehoe I-001 Andy Kehoe II Andy Kehoe III Andy Kehoe IIII Andy Kehoe V Andy Kehoe VI Andy Kehoe VII Andy Kehoe VIIIAndy Kehoe XXXIIIAndy Kehoe XXXIIIIAndy Kehoe XXXVAndy Kehoe XXXVIAndy Kehoe XXXVII Andy Kehoe VIIII Andy Kehoe X Andy Kehoe XI Andy Kehoe XII Andy Kehoe XIII Andy Kehoe XIIIIAndy Kehoe XXXAndy Kehoe XXXI Andy Kehoe XV Andy Kehoe XVI Andy Kehoe XVII Andy Kehoe XVIII Andy Kehoe XVIIII - Roamer of the Subterranean Forest Andy Kehoe XX Andy Kehoe XXI Andy Kehoe XXII Andy Kehoe XXIII - Passing of Kindrred Spirits Andy Kehoe XXIII Andy Kehoe XXIIII Andy Kehoe XXVAndy Kehoe XXXVIIIAndy Kehoe XXXVIIII Andy Kehoe XXVI Andy Kehoe XXVII Andy Kehoe XXVIII Andy Kehoe XXVIIII - Ambient Transcendence

See the artist’s portfolio here. Also here. Genius at work.

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June 14, 2014 at 6:15 pm


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Michal Karcz I - Alien Planet Michal Karcz II - Ultima Thule Michal Karcz V - Silent Ceremony Michal Karcz VII - Thule Michal Karcz VIII - Passing Terrain Michal Karcz X - Pod Michal Karcz XIIII - The Transcending Quest Michal Karcz XVI - Ultima Thule II Michal Karcz XVIIII - Speechless Conversation Michal Karcz XXII - Only Known Photograph of God Michal Karcz XXIIII - Xanthe Terra Michal Karcz XXVIMichal Karcz XXVII - Endless Deep Michal Karcz XXVIII - To The Threshold of Silence Michal Karcz XXVIIII - Abaddon

Michal Karcz XVIII - Prelude Michal Karcz XVIIII - Deliverance Michal Karcz XXIII

Artist/photomanipulator Michal Karcz.

Written by ml22

June 6, 2014 at 9:44 pm