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Goings-On of Interest.

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inz-feelgood I- Last Shelter inz-feelgood IIII-Cowhome inz-feelgood III-Latte Beach inz-feelgood II-The Elevator

Art by Inz-Feelgood.


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December 5, 2014 at 7:18 pm

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Stefan Thompson.

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Stefan Thompson I - CrownBear Stefan Thompson II - Islandwolf Stefan Thompson III - Clowndog Stefan Thompson IIII - Rabbithug detail Stefan Thompson V - Flyby Stefan Thompson VI - Catfing Stefan Thompson VII - Whiterabbit Stefan Thompson VIII - SpringColour Stefan Thompson VIIII - BatDog Stefan Thompson X - Dinosaur

Artist Stefan Thompson.

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October 1, 2014 at 9:26 pm

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Heiko Müller.

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Heiko Muller VI

Heiko Muller I Heiko Muller II Heiko Muller III Heiko Muller IIII Heiko Muller VHeiko Muller XVIII Heiko Muller VII Heiko Muller VIII Heiko Muller VIIII Heiko Muller X Heiko Muller XI Heiko Muller XII Heiko Muller XIIIHeiko Muller XV Heiko Muller XIIII

Heiko Muller II

Heiko Muller XVIIII Heiko Muller XXHeiko Muller XXII Heiko Muller XXI

The artist’s portfolio can be found here.  And here.

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July 27, 2014 at 4:17 pm

Andy Kehoe.

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Andy Kehoe XXXXI - Young is the nightAndy Kehoe I-001 Andy Kehoe II Andy Kehoe III Andy Kehoe IIII Andy Kehoe V Andy Kehoe VI Andy Kehoe VII Andy Kehoe VIIIAndy Kehoe XXXIIIAndy Kehoe XXXIIIIAndy Kehoe XXXVAndy Kehoe XXXVIAndy Kehoe XXXVII Andy Kehoe VIIII Andy Kehoe X Andy Kehoe XI Andy Kehoe XII Andy Kehoe XIII Andy Kehoe XIIIIAndy Kehoe XXXAndy Kehoe XXXI Andy Kehoe XV Andy Kehoe XVI Andy Kehoe XVII Andy Kehoe XVIII Andy Kehoe XVIIII - Roamer of the Subterranean Forest Andy Kehoe XX Andy Kehoe XXI Andy Kehoe XXII Andy Kehoe XXIII - Passing of Kindrred Spirits Andy Kehoe XXIII Andy Kehoe XXIIII Andy Kehoe XXVAndy Kehoe XXXVIIIAndy Kehoe XXXVIIII Andy Kehoe XXVI Andy Kehoe XXVII Andy Kehoe XXVIII Andy Kehoe XXVIIII - Ambient Transcendence

See the artist’s portfolio here. Also here. Genius at work.

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June 14, 2014 at 6:15 pm

Below The Surface

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Alshain4 X - Below The Surface

Alshain4 XI - Cold Flame

Alshain4 VI - Whispers of Dead TreesAlshain4 I - TwilightAlshain4 III - Broken TreeAlshain4 VII - 3 TowersAlshain4 VIII - Journey with RhinoAlshain4 VIIII - HuntingAlshain4 XXXI - Coming of the ShadowsAlshain4 XXXIIAlshain4 XXXIIIAlshain4 XXIII - Little TheaterAlshain4 XXXVIAlshain4 XXV - Rainy DayAlshain4 XXAlshain4 XXIAlshain4 XXIIAlshain4 XXVIIIAlshain4 XXVIIII - Deceive TimeAlshain4 XXX - Coming of the ShadowsAlshain4 XVIaAlshain4 XVIIAlshain4 XVIIIAlshain4 XVIIIIAlshain4 II - Night On Earth Alshain4 IIII - Outside World

Alshain4 V - Journey Alshain4 XII - Tower Alshain4 XIIII - Tower

Alshain4 XIII - Towers

Artist Alshain4 {Leszek Bujnowski}.  See more at Amphitheatrics.

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October 16, 2013 at 6:05 pm